Floor And Wall Tile

Floor And Wall Tile

Floor and Wall Tile

CerCo LLC is a full-service provider to the ceramic tile and traditional ceramic industries. Our ceramic grinding media and ball mill linings are used in mills grinding floor and wall tile body. They are also used in mills producing glaze. Our media are used for ceramic glaze preparation in the sanitaryware, dinnerware and artware industries. CerCo manufactures a full range of sizes in spherical and cylindrical media (see insert) and is the preferred supplier to many of the largest tile and ceramic-producing companies in the world.

Media selection should be decided by analyzing the average raw material size for the starting batch, the void size between the spheres and the desired final particle size. Typically, the grinding media should be four times larger than the largest particles to be reduced. A mixture of media sizes is usually recommended-a 50% media charge by mill volume and mixture of three sizes- 25% of the largest and smallest sizes, and 50% of the medium-sized media. We also recommend removing very small media from time to time as it no longer contributes to grinding efficiency.

CerCo ball mill linings should be used in conjunction with our grinding media for most effective results in particle size reduction, deagglomeration and mixing. A detailed drawing of pre-engineered mill linings is provided for ease of installation, and lining instructions are available upon request. Glaze mills should be lined with our long-lasting aluminum oxide tongue and groove brick to ensure batch purity and efficient grinding results.

Whether you need grinding media, frit, color or kiln furniture, CerCo is your total solution provider.