Electronics Industry

Grinding Media: Zirmonite 1000® is a rare earth-stabilized tetragonal zirconia polycrystal manufactured by a patented process. Only yytria-stabilized zirconia media has greater wear resistance and longer life than Zirmonite 1000® grinding media.

Zirmonite media contain no calcia or magnesia which can contaminate electronic formulations and adversely affect dielectric properties. Our cylinders and spheres are the preferred grinding media fort vibratory and attritor mills. Zirmonite's high purity, and high flexural and mechanical strengths make it an excellent choice for zirconia and barium titanate particle size reduction, and for piezoelectronic, capacitor or resistor material processing.

CerCo also offers high-purity 96.0% and 99.5% aluminum-oxide grinding media for specialty applications.

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