Structural Components

Ceramic Armor, SAPI Plates and Tile:

High Energy Absorption Combined with Light Weight

DIAMONITE™ Structural Ceramics has been an integral part in both military and civilian armor systems. When designed into a complete armor system, CerCo Structural Ceramics utilize planned material fracture to rob the projectile of energy. This system is, in many cases, more cost-efficient than an all-metal or all-fabric system.

Consistent Quality

Ultrasonic testing by independent laboratories has confirmed that CerCo's 99.5% alumina is more consistent and contains significantly fewer internal defects than competing materials.


CerCo can fabricate virtually any shape energy absorber, which optimizes coverage while minimizing weight.

Applications Engineering Assistance

Expert engineers are ready to assist you when integrating CerCo Structural Ceramics into your design. For more information call:


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